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A blog deticated to things I like! I like Emma Watson, Supernatural, Lost, Glee, Doctor Who, Dragon Ball/Z/GT, Bleach, Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, the Pokemon (more the original than anything else), Yu-Gi-Oh (the original of this more too), and the Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem games.

I post things I like, think are funny, or just amazing. I love to interact with the people I follow and that follow me. Just know what you're getting into, FYI I am a ginger.

I also ship just abut anything, I'm not really sure if I should be worried if my ships offend you. If you don't like it then I'm sorry, but I apparently do. Don't bash people for something they like, they have their reasons and I respect that, I am here on this site to have a good time.

I’m exhausted

so imma go to sleep now



Pokemon have their priorties straight

Yes we may have ‘moved’ away from facebook

But don’t deny that you still check it

And get excited when you see you have a non-Farmville notification

The fuck is up with all the fucking ‘whisper’ shit?

Since when the hell have people on tumblr been anything but loud?


I’m pretty sure everyone else has done this before, so, I guess it’s my turn.

One winner will get all 1500+ Cards, easily a 60$ value!


  • You do not have to be following me to enter.
  • Likes and Reblogs count, so do both to increase your chances.
  • You can reblog as much as you want, but be mindful of other people’s dashboards being clogged up.
  • I think I’ll be able to ship it anywhere, though it’s easier if you are in Canada or the US.

The winner will be picked on July 4th, and I’ll ask the winner for the shipping location.  And promptly ship it as soon as I can!

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jensen ackles starring as jason teague in smallville

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